Antique American Paperweights

Boston & Sandwich, Gillinder, Milleville,
New England Glass Company

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B&S Flkower (ref 01)
Flower 01
B&S Fruit Basket (ref 06)
Fruit Basket 06
B&S Poinsettia (ref 07)
Ponsettia 07
B&S Cross of Leaves (ref 08)
Cross of Leaves 08
GIL concentric (ref 04)
Concentric 04
Milleville Cala Lily (ref 10)
Cala Lily 10
NEGC Scrambled (ref 02)
Scrambled 02
NEGC B Smart (ref 03)
B Smart 03
NEGC Concentric (ref 05)
Concentric 05
NEGC Pear (ref 09)
Pear 09

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Flower on splatter background (ref 01)
Fruit Basket on latticinio basket (ref 06)
Red Poinsettia with Lutz "Clichy rose" centre (ref 07)
Cross of Leaves on reddish jasper (ref 08)

Lovely 5-Ring concentric with central Lady cane (ref 04)

A magnum Cala Lily made by the crimp process (ref 10)

Scrambled with 1825 cane + Running Rabbit silhouettes (ref 02)
Signed B Smart (only known signed example) (ref 03)
Concentric on latticinio, 7 running hare silhouettes (ref 05)
Blown Pear on clear base (ref 09)

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