Antique Bohemian Paperweights

Bohemian and Alsace Lorraine

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N.B. Recent research has shown that some weights previously attributed to Bohemia were made at St Mandé in France. It is possible that some of the items shown here may also be from St Mandé.

Bohemian concentric (ref 01)
Concentric 01
Bohemian concentric (ref 13)
Concentric 13
Bohemian concentric (ref 03)
Concentric 03
Bohemian concentric (ref 06)
Concentric 06
Bohemian concentric (ref 07)
Concentric 07
Bohemian concentric (ref 08)
Concentric 08
Bohemian concentric (ref 09)
Concentric 09
Bohemian concentric (ref 12)
Concentric 12
Bohemian concentric (ref 22)
Concentric 22
Bohemian concentric (ref 25)
Concentric 25
Bohemian concentric (ref 05)
Concentric 05
Bohemian concentric (ref 10)
Concentric 10
Bohemian concentric (ref 11)
Concentric 11
Bohemian concentric (ref 14)
Concentric 14
Bohemian concentric (ref 15)
Concentric 15
Bohemian spaced (ref 02)
Spaced 02
Bohemian chequer (ref 04)
Chequer 04
Bohemian close pack (ref 17)
Close pack 17
Bohemian carpet ground (ref 24)
Carpet ground 24
Bohemian amber flash (ref 16)
Amber flash 16
Bohemian swirl (ref 18)
Swirl 18
Bohemian swirl (ref 19)
Swirl 19
Bohemian swirl (ref 20)
Swirl 20
Bohemian swirl (ref 21)
Swirl 21
Alsace Lorraine (ref 23)
Alsace 23
Boheimain Spaced (ref 26)
Spaced 26

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BOHEMIAN Concentrics
Miniature Two Row Concentric with Central Rose + Hidden Roses in outer canes (ref 01)
Miniature concentric with four white roses (ref 13)
Lovely three-row concentric (ref 03)
Concentric on multi-colour Spatter ground (Silesian) (ref 06)
Clear concentric with central pear - very rare (ref 07)
Concentric with outer row having twenty pink roses (ref 08)
Clear concentric with central white rose - possibly St. Mandé (ref 09)
Three-row concentric in pale colours (ref 12)
Two-row concentric on spatter background - probably from Thuringia (ref 22)
Five-row concentric, deliberate bubbles, waisted blue/white stave pedestal (ref 25)
White open concentric with running red Monkey cane (ref 05)
Open concentric red, white and blue (ref 10)
Open concentric red, white and blue (ref 11)
Miniature open concentric (very similar to Clichy) (ref 14)
Miniature open concentric with central star cane (ref 15)

BOHEMIAN Non-Concentrics
Spaced millefiori on latticinio cushion 1850's (ref 02)
Multi-coloured chequer on lace (ref 04)
Close pack on green mica (Haida 1880-1910) with Butterfly cane and three Rabbit canes (ref 17)
Carpet ground, multi-coloured basket, complex canes including ten roses, 1850's (ref 24)
Amber flash bouquet of flowers (ref 16)
Red, white and blue swirl - probably from Thuringia (ref 18)
White swirl with red centre- probably from Thuringia (ref 19)
White swirl coloured filigree - probably from Thuringia (ref 20)
White swirl two-row concentric, facet cut - probably from Thuringia (ref 21)
Trefoil garland with spaced millefiori (ref 26)

Magnum with a copper "F" (ref 23)

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