Antique Sulphides

Weights and Related Objects

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John Ford Decanter (ref 04)
John Ford 04
John Ford Weight *ref 05
John Ford 05
John Ford Weight (ref 06)
John Ford 06
Apsley Pellat Weight (ref 03)
Apsley Pellatt 03
Apsley Pellatt Scent (ref 01)
Apsley Pellatt 01
Apsley Pellatt Scent (ref 02)
Apsley Pellatt 02
Baccarat Scent (ref 08)
Baccarat 08
Baccarat Scent (ref 11)
Baccarat 11
Baccarat Weight (ref 07)
Baccarat 07
Baccarat Box (ref 10)
Baccarat 10
Baccarat Box (ref 09)
Baccarat 09
Baccarat Tray (ref 13)
Baccarat 13
Baccarat Tray (ref 14)
Baccarat 14
Baccarat Weight (ref 15)
Baccarat 15
Clichy Weight (ref 16)
Clichy 16
Baccarat Pendant Sulphide (ref 12)
Baccarat 12
Antique English Toy (ref 19)
English "Toy" 19

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Cut Decanter, Caroline Bonaparte Sulphide, Signed Andrieu (ref 04)
High Domed weight of Rabbie Burns (Sulphide to Side) (ref 05)
High Domed weight of George Harriet (Sulphide to Side) (ref 06)

Scent Bottle with Sulphide of Shakespeare - 1820's (ref 01)
Scent Bottle with Sulphide of Princess Charlotte - 1820's (ref 02)
Clear weight with Sulphide of Wellington - 1850's (ref 03)

Door Knob - King Charles of France? (Sulphide) - mid 19th Century (ref 07)
Glass Scent Bottle, Young Napoleon Sulphide - mid 19th Century (ref 08)
Box Sulphide of Duc de Bordeaux - mid 19th Century (ref 09)
Box Sulphide of Bouquet of Flowers - mid 19th Century (ref 10)
Scent Bottle with Sulphide of Angel and Dog - mid 19th Century (ref 11)
Small Pendant with Sulphide Louis XV111 signed d.P - mid19th Century (ref 12)
Small Dish George IV as Roman Emperor Sulphide - mid 19th Century (ref 13)
Small Dish Unknown Woman Sulphide - mid19th Century (ref 14)
Small Blue Weight with Sulphide Plaque - mid19th Century (ref 15)

Cut Glass Altarpiece with Sulphide, Red and Clear Glass, Sliced (ref 17)

Sulphide on clear Ground of 6 of Queen Victoria's Children, Very Rare (ref 16)

English 1800's Millefiori "Toy" (ref 19)

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