Antique Venetian

Weights and Related Objects

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Venetian Scrambled (ref 05)
Scrambled 05
Venetian Scrambled  (ref 06)
Scrambled 06
Venetian Scrambled (ref 07)
Scrambled 07
Venetian Scrambled (ref 09)
Scrambled 09
Venetian Scrambled (ref 10)
Scrambled 10
Venetian Scent Bottle (ref 02)
Scent Bottle 02
Venetian Scent Bottle (ref 03)
Scent Bottle 03
Venetian Scent Bottle (ref 04)
Scent Bottle 04
Venetian Scent (ref 13)
Scent Bottle 13
Venetian Scent (ref 14)
Scent Bottle 14
Venetian Scent (ref 15)
Scent Bottle 15
Venetian Scent (ref 16)
Scent Bottle 16
Venetian Scent (ref 11)
Scent Bottle 11
Venetian Seal (ref 12)
Seal 12
Venetian Knife Handle (ref 08)
Knife Handle 08
Venetian Box (ref 01)
Box 01

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Ball-shaped scrambled weight with complex canes - early 1820s (ref 05)
Scrambled weight with fairly flat dome - 1850's (ref 06)
'End of Day' with dark background - 1890's (ref 07)
Dark scrambled with aventurine (ref 09)
Pale scrambled weight (ref 10)
Scrambled glass ball weight - late 19th century (ref 17)

Scent bottle with silhouettes (ref 13)
Scent bottle with silhouettes (ref 14)
Scent bottle with silhouettes (ref 15)
Scent bottle with silhouettes (ref 16)
Scent bottle, Franchini, silver top (ref 11)
Scent bottle with various silhouettes (ref 02)
Scent bottle with negro head silhouettes (ref 03)
Scent bottle with gondolas and other silhouettes (ref 04)

Seal with gondola silhouette, Franchini (ref 12)

Silver filigree box lid with millefiori and aventurine, Franchini - 1850's (ref 01)

Antique millefiori knife handle, Franchini - 1840s (ref 08)

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