Modern Scottish Paperweights

Paul Ysart

[See also the article: "Identifying Paul Ysart Paperweights"]

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Mod Pual Ysart (Ref 02)
Fountain 02
Mod Paul Ysart (Ref 03)
Twist & Millefiori 03
Mod Paul Ysart (Ref 06)
Garlanded Butterfly 06
Mod Paul Ysart (Ref 07)
Close-pack 07
Mod Paul Ysart (Ref 08)
Inkwell 08
Mod Paul Ysart (Ref 19)
Concentric 19
Mod Paul Ysart (Ref 30)
Concentric 30
Mod Paul Ysart (Ref 33)
Concentric 33
Mod Paul Ysart (Ref 35)
Concentric 35
Mod Paul Ysart (Ref 38)
Close-pack 38

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1930s Magnum Mixed Filigree and Millefiori (ref 03)
1930s Experimental Mushroom in Torsade - Probably Unique (ref 13)
1930s Concentric with Rods (ref 30)
1930s Concentric (ref 34)
1930s Concentric (ref 35)
1930s Millefiori Heart (ref 36)
1930s I.E.A. (ref 37)
1930s Close Pack (ref 38)
c1960 Ink Bottle, Close Millefiori on White Ground (ref 08)
1970s Super Magnum (ref 20)
1970s Orange Fountain (ref 43)
1970s Double Harlequin (ref 45)
1970s Miniature Scattered Millefiori (ref 47)
Magnum "Fountain Design" (ref 02)
Thistle Weight, PY Cane (ref 04)
Bottle, Open Concentric with Red / Green Neck (ref 05)
Magnum Close Pack Millefiori - 3.5 inch (ref 07)
Ink Bottle with Circlets of Millefiori Canes (ref 09)
Ink Bottle with Bold Canes (ref 10)
Super Magnum, PY Cane (ref 19)
Garlanded Letter B, Complex Cane (ref 17)
Green Cross on Pedestal (ref 21)
"1885" with Millefiori Garland (Is the date to commemorate or deceive?) (ref 33)
Millefiori Star (ref 39)
Triple Filigree Crown (ref 40)
Triple Filigree Crown (ref 41)

1930s Pansy - Probably Unique (ref 11)
1930s Magnum Triple Flower on Black Ground (ref 14)
1930s Bouquet on Blue Ground (ref 32)
1960s Bouquet of Flowers in Basket (ref 29)
1970s Floating Dahlia Head within Cane Garland (ref 46)

1930s Triple Insect (ref 31)
1930s Broach and Sulphide of Two Africans (ref 28)
c1950 Magnum Triple Insect, PY Cane (ref 15)
1950s Parrot (ref 25)
1960s Double Fish (ref 26)
1965 Double Snake (ref 18)
1965 Single Snake (ref 22)
1965 Three Ducks in a Pond (ref 23)
1965 Salamander (ref 24)
c1967 Footed Butterfly and Branch (ref 12)
1970s Fish in Sand Ground within Garland (ref 42)
1970s Floating Green Fish, H cane (ref 44)
Millefiori Butterfly on Blue Ground, Tiny PY Cane in Each Wing (ref 01)
Butterfly on Dark Blue Ground (ref 06)

1940 Spitfire Magnum (ref 16)
1940s Magnum Eagle Sulphide within Torsade (ref 27)

1980s Dropped PY Cane, Concentric Circles of Canes (ref 48)
1980s Dropped PY Cane, Fish (ref 49)
1980s Dropped PY Cane, (ref 50)

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