Modern Scottish Paperweights

Salvador Ysart

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Mod Salvador Ysart (Ref 01)
Spaced 01
Mod Salvador Ysart (Ref 02)
Flower 02
Mod Salvador Ysart (Ref 04)
Roundals 04
Mod Salvador Ysart (Ref 09)
Concentric 09
Mod Salvador Ysart (Ref 13)
Mushroom 13

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Spaced Millefiori with Filigree Outer Canes - 2 3/4 inch (ref 01)
Bottle, Orange/Dark Reds and White Canes (ref 03)
Millefiori on Radial Striped Ground - 3 inch (ref 04)
Magnum Weight (ref06 )
Magnum with Fountain over Double Latticinio (ref 08)
Concentric with Central "Y" Cane - Very Rare (ref 09)
Concentric with "Y" Cane in Outer Row - Very Rare (ref 10)
Concentric (ref 12)
Mushroom (Originally listed as: Close Pack with Brightly Coloured Canes) (ref 13)

Magnum Flower over Millefiori and Filigree - 3 5/8 inch (ref 02)
Upright Flower in Pot (ref 14)

Butterfly on Double Swirl Latticinio (1998 PCA Bulletin) - Unique? (ref 05)
Floating Butterfly (ref 07)
Three Dalmations and a Lamp Post on Blue Cushion within Garland - Unique (ref 11)

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