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This area of the site contains information about past exhibitions that the PCC has organised, and is still being developed.

2007 Broadfield House.

Together with the Museum we organised a paperweight day, where PCC Members set out an exhibition entitled 'From Miniatures to Marbles'. The hundreds of items on display included miniature paperweights, marbles, and small millefiori items such as jewellery, beads and necklaces.

Setting up the display
The finished stand
Visitors and Stewards




2006 Olympia.

To celebrate our 25th Anniversary, we organised a major exhibition of paperweights entitled 'Art in Glass' at the Winter Antiques fair at London Olympia. Over 350 weights were ondisplay, illustrating some of the best examples from the 1840s through to the present.

Setting up the display
The finished stand
Visitors and Stewards

setting up

the finished stand

visitors and PCC stewards

2002 National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham.

The 2002 Exhibition was a superb event held over four days (28th November to 1st December) in conjunction with the Antiques For Everyone fair at the UK's prestigious National Exhibition Centre near Birmingham. Over 1,000 items were displayed in walk-around and table-top cabinets providing excellent viewing of all aspects of the weights and related objects. Members of the CPC were joined by delegates from the American-based Paperweight Collectors Association (PCA) and the combined knowledge and expertise ensured that no question went unanswered. The joint stewardship also meant that no opportunity was missed to gain new members for both clubs. The layout of the exhibition, at the junction of the two main sections of the Antiques fair, had plenty of floor space between cabinets ensuring ease of access. Hence, although there was a steady flow of visitors to the display, there was never any bottleneck, even with groups of several people gathering, seemingly from nowhere, for discussions.

1999 Christie's, London. Index here.

The Exhibition, held at the rooms of Christie's, King Street, London, covered a wide range of weights, both Antique and Modern and from many different countries and makers. Over 750 weights and related items were on view. All items shown appear by kind permission of members of the PCC. Except where stated to the contrary, all photos were produced, edited, enhanced and inserted by Kevin Holt. Please ask first before taking copies. Copyright © 1999 - 2001 Kevin Holt.

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