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The Circle was founded in Cambridge, UK in 1981 with a handful of like minded enthusiasts. Originally named "The Cambridge Paperweight Circle", a new name was agreed in 2003, to be fully effective from January 2004. The change reflects the continued growth of world-wide membership and the change in focus arising from the addition of Regional Meetings within the UK.

We exist for two main reasons. First, to provide a forum for existing collectors to meet and discuss their mutual hobby in a pleasant social atmosphere. Second, to encourage the wider collection of paperweights, so as to support the activities of the artists and craftsmen who are developing and improving this exacting art form.

Throughout our membership, collectors may specialise in the work of one particular factory or artist, or may build up a range of examples from a variety of sources, both contemporary or antique. In either case they derive enormous pleasure from these beautiful objects, often for a relatively modest investment.

The Circle holds regular meetings, often with a guest speaker (see the Diary pages) and also arranges visits to places of interest to collectors.

A high quality full-colour Newsletter is circulated to all members three times a year, containing articles and images produced by the members.

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